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Light Bamboo Racing 12'6

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Light Bamboo Racing 12'6
Super lightweight Open Ocean Race Carbon construction, Ultimate Glide Performance – super fast, still easy to maneuver and carry. The CR is a great Touring and wide body Race design. Stable, good in choppy conditions and a perfect blend for flatwater and open ocean performance. The CR Carbon Race offers a state of the art high performance vacuum molded construction. It is delivered including a premium quality Fin & Deck Pad and 2 Leash plugs for security.
Art: Hardboard
 Typ: Race
 Farbe: weiß/bambus
 - Länge: 381 cm / 12'6”
 - Breite: 72,5 cm / 28 1/2”
 - Höhe: 19 cm / 7 1/2”
 Volumen: 271 Liter
Finnenart/-box: US Box
 Zubehör: Finne
 Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung (UPE): 1594,00 €, inkl. MwSt.

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